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Convictions Regarding Drug & Weapons Possession 

The federal government classifies certain drugs as “controlled substances.” Under federal law possession of these substances is not deemed a crime if it is purposed for scientific research or used under the supervision of a medical professional. However, a substance may be categorized by the law as illegal when no legal justification is applicable. The government ranks drugs according to “schedules” with “Schedule 1” containing the most dangerous substances and “Schedule 5” housing the least. Generally speaking, to be charged with the possession of a controlled substance, the prosecution must demonstrate the violator knowingly owned and/or possessed the substance at the time of the arrest. Drug offenses are some of the most scrutinized violations within our legal system and often carry steep penalties. Similarly, weapons charges may also carry severe penalties depending on state and local laws. Although the constitution ensures citizens with the right to keep and bear arms, states differ on laws regarding permits and where, when, and how weapons may be possessed and carried. Drug and weapons possession serious offenses in the eyes of the law. If charged, you need a knowledgeable attorney, well versed in state and federal laws to defend you and your freedom. If you have questions regarding your case or a general legal inquiry, schedule a free consultation below.